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    Frequently Asked Questions / Help

  How is AdultDeals.com different than any other adult DVD site?

We are cheaper than any other site on the web!   We ship your orders same day!

Inventory moves very quickly and our site shows items that are IN-STOCK (in our warehouse). Today we can have 100 pieces, tomorrow it can be zero (none)... so don't wait!   Once inventory goes to zero (0), our site will not show that item is back in stock.

Create a free account and start buying original, manufacturer DVDs for less.  Everyone likes to save money, why not you?  Get more for your money.  Buy brand new adult DVDs that usual sell for $19.99 to $29.99 ... for as little as $.99¢!

Why spend more or shop anywhere else?   Same new merchandise directly from Adult Studio Manufacturers!

What Does "Out Of Print" mean?

DVD titles that contain the words (Out Of Print) means that this title is no longer in production and no newly stamped DVDs are available.

However, an large number of customers still want access to them, so we've obtained the rights to re-print them on DVD-R media and repackage them for availability.

Please note that does not automatically make the title less expensive, but can also keep prices higher due to it's demand and agreements made with the original studio manufacturer.

Can I pay with a Money Order or Check?

Yes!   Add all the items you want in your shopping cart, and when you're ready to Proceed To Checkout, choose the THIRD option "Customer Service Manual Processing"  There's a minimum of $50 for manual orders..

What's the deal with the arrows on each side?

We make it easy for you to browse around.  Your shopping experience should not be frustrating, confusing or overwhelming.  See a DVD, add it to cart or not, then simply move to a similar genre or studio by click on the back and forth arrows to see what's next.  This is what "browsing" is all about.  Minimal mouse movements, lots of choices.

I missed out on an awesome deal, how can I get that cheap adult DVD price?

Sorry, you can't.  Daily Deals are very popular because of their super low price.  Next time... get 'em while they're HOT!

I want to buy from you but do I have to create an account?

No, you can add items to your cart and checkout as a guest.  Of course we recommend that you create an account for ease of future purchases and customer service, but we understand how people feel about spam, adult related sites, etc.  We can assure you that we are a very "corporate" type business and have been around for over 16 years!  Read our privacy policy here.

Is your shipping discreet?

Absolutely.  Your order is completely private, shipped priority directly to you with tracking information.

How can I get notices of your Daily Deal?

Join our newsletter: http://www.adultdeals.com/newsletter.html - You can unsubscribe at any time.  Read our Privacy Policy.

I'm having issues with my login and/or my shopping cart, how can I reset my cookies?

Visit:  http://www.adultdeals.com/clear/
This will clear your cookies for adultdeals.com (no other site) and reset your cookies.   This does not affect your account information, username, password, past purchases, bookmarks, etc.   Revisiting adultdeals will give you new session cookies.

How do you calculate the total amount for shipping and handling?

For USA orders, the first Adult DVD is $4.95 for shipping and handling.  Every Adult DVD afterwards is only $1.00 each for shipping and handling.  All orders have tracking information and the system will email you when it's shipped out.  Most orders that have 6 or more DVDs will automatically be upgraded to Priority Class shipping from First Class shipping.

For International orders (outside of USA), first Adult DVD is $12.95 for shipping and handling.  Every Adult DVD item afterwards is only $2.95 each for shipping and handling.

Multi DVD Sets will cost more to ship, extra shipping and handling cost will display.   Same applies for Adult Sex Toys.

Why don't you offer free shipping like some competitors?

Like running any business, shipping and cost of labor (handling) is always a cost.  Our competitors simply charge more for the products to cover their shipping and handling costs - a sales tactic.  We sell the EXACT same manufacturer Adult DVD for as little as .99¢ cents up to a maximum of $9.95. on our cheap Adult DVD website.

To offer free shipping with our extremely low profit margins will NOT allow us to give you the cheap adult deals you want.  Wouldn't you rather know what your spending than guessing if $29.99 is good deal for a HD Adult DVD elsewhere?

How can I call your customer service?

Customer Service: +1 (516) 492 3116 Ext: 24

Monday - Thursday 10am-4pm EST
Friday 10am-3pm EST

  How can I email you?

Use this convenient form below to contact us directly with your questions and comments.
If you have a login, you should login first to write to us so that we can easily identify your customer account.
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